NAV Upgrade

NAV Upgrades for MS Partners and their clients

NAV Upgrades for MS Partners and their clients

When client is already made decision to upgrade NAV to the latest version it is time to find right executives. First of all MS Partner have
to make decision to choose how to handle the development and management.
Usually MS Partners are in situatiation when they have multiple upgrade/dev/support requests from clients. This situation requires
planning of resources, postpone execution or even refuse from some projects. MS Partners choose SWP-Group to outsource this load.

Version NAV Upgrade of customer’s database in Navision is a main our services.
Because of our vast experience with NAV upgrades, our team has followed a specific methodology which takes into account several aspects of the upgrade. Most of upgrade processes are optimzed, special tools are created to
automate routines.
Comprehensive analysis of any modifications in NAV database on estimation stage using special estimation tool makes FIXED price for client very sharp. This approch allows us deliver database with predefined customer’s excpectations.

On estimation phase it is important to create upgrade plan. Here is three options:

1) Standart NAV upgrade of customizations.

2) Reimplementation.

An upgrade is usually faster and less expensive than re-implementation, even the current solution carries heavy customizations that are bad designed.
Re-implementation is reasonable if client decided to refuse at least 30% of unnesessary functionality. Requires more customer involvement, but the solution is more flexible, and it is an opportunity to implement
a new business vision.

Next options are available within upgrade:

1) Clean, optimize code

2) Refactor functionality to events.

3) Performance issues solving

NAV Upgrade for customer is black box. On the input Customer wants to insert old NAV database and on the output get the same but upgraded to new NAV environment.

SWP Black box internally includes:

Estimation Phase DEV phase TEST phase Delivery UAT Pre-Live and Go-Live After Go-Live Support
Analysys of customized objects, addons etc.

Analysys tool results

1) Object merge — using Automerge tool

Form,Dataport, Menusuite transformation,

Report transformation using —

Auto transformation tool

2) Object code refactoring to work with NEW

NAV version. Manual Development work

3) Bugfix

1) Unit

Object test


Filling data


2) Functional Standard

functionality, Posting,


Document handling

Proposal of Fixed price and

possible deadlines for each of phases.

Test DataMigration

1. Prepare NAV Environments for transitional

steps 2009,2013,2015 2018.

2. Split migrate to phases 2009-2015 2015-2018

3. Standard

4. Addons data upgrade

5. Fix Toolkits if needed


1) Compare documents, reports

from old and new databases

2) Data generated by toolkits

Free Estimate FIXED-TERMS SWP Fix minor issues which was not revealed

within internal SWP testing, UAT, after Go-Live


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