Navision upgrade

Version Upgrade of customer's database in Navision  is a core business for our team. Because of our vast experience with Navision upgrades, our team has followed a specific methodology which takes into account several aspects of the upgrade:


Comprehensive analysis of any modifications in Navision database, either by a partner or you as a customer (This information can be used to qualify and discuss all customizations, and clearly identify what should not be upgraded.)


Deciding if applications for automation upgrades such as Dev Toolkit can be used. There are a lot of situations when automation tool can spoil objects and transfer code incorrectly. Our test engineers always verify such situations. If an upgrade is very complicated and the version gap is huge, usage of automation tools is very risky and should be avoided. In this case, objects are merged manually.


Deciding if / how to move modifications to a more recent version, or if there is new native functionality which can be used instead of the modifications.


Upgrade of code / objects. The following activities are performed:


  • Upgrade of code;
  • Object transformation;
  • Data migration to new version;
  • Compiling of all objects;
  • Testing objects.
  • Documenting code changes with an extended explanation in documentation trigger, comments in code, and others.
  • Functional testing of the database as part of upgrade to ensure functional integrity.
  • Creating documentation requested by customer.


Any errors found that do not relate to the upgrade process (for example, those that were present in the source database) will be listed in the documentation.


Any errors related to the upgrade process and detected will be fixed.


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